Our Paradise

Posted: August 18, 2012 by AnkurThakuria in Writes...
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From the whitewashed paradise 
back to the worldly filth,
I reflect back on the days we were wise. 
Drenching oneself in the flakes
allowing the nature to keep the sins at stake
the frenzy of washing down the earth began
and all we could do was stare blank in the air.
The ice melted at the touch of our skins
whooshing voice of the cold air numbing the ears, pulled out our sins.
Opening our arms wide,
letting go of every mental filth we contained
a visit to the paradise was what we had made.
The warmth was shared,
the fresh eyes now cared,
the void was now filled,
the inner turmoil now killed,
standing tall at thousands feet high,
we finally let the nature and our souls to tie.
Deepali Moray




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