Its time for rain!!!!!!

Posted: August 18, 2012 by AnkurThakuria in Writes...

Walking down the pavement

A cherubic young lady interrupted me

I just turned back to see

Whether it was me

I couldn’t but cringe back

Throes of her unfaded memories

Slowly and steadily engulfed me

It was vague, completely vague.

Only a chameleon and a red wound

I could descry of

Understood it was the past

The hallucinating past

And I struggled to regain my conscience

Just to see

I have been introduced to her newly beloved

Got to know, its time for raining

Again it will rain today.

Niraj Saraf

Assam Engineering College

  1. Great dear Niraj,

    keep it up

    As i proceed further, with my search
    for the “me within”

    In search for that Thousandth Smile :)

  2. Pratibhu Dutta says:


  3. Agniswar Mitra says:

    Its monsoon these days……good one….:)

  4. niraj though its a good work ….i loved it….no doubt…..but after these lines dn’t thnk that i’m comparing but still i would like you to visit “You Are My Desire- by mohit gupta” on this same site…..what lil you need to do is just go below on this site….beneath the tag “Find…” there with red ink you will see its written “search the site” just click with you mouse once..type this name”Mohit Gupta” you will find a similar kind of poem is “you are my desire”

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