Friendship: A relationship

Posted: August 6, 2012 by AnkurThakuria in Writes...

A friend is tissue,
When you can’t stop crying
A friend is shoulder,
When you feel like dying
A friend always listens,
When you have something to say
A friend is crutch,
When you have broken heart
A friend is sun,
When rain just won’t stop
A friend is phone call,
When you can’t leave your home
A friend is hand when you feel
All alone
A friend is wing,
When you want to fly in sky
A friend understands without knowing why
A friend is ear for a secret to tell
A friend is aspirin,
When your head is hurt like hell
A friend is love that can never let go…

Anandita Trikha

Mohanlal Sukhadia University,Udaipur




  1. Vaibhavi Singh says:

    Awesome do what a write up di

  2. Ranbir vikram Singh says:

    A person who is being loved by all of us n who knows the most beautiful relationship in its depth is one of our best frnds Anandita

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